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The importance of establishing a separate program for women and children was recommended during the 43rd Colombo Plan Consultative Committee Meeting in Manado, Indonesia, in 2012. As a result, the Colombo Plan Gender Affairs Program was established on 7 May 2014 in Colombo to work together with women, men, girls and boys to promote a just and equitable society in collaboration with stakeholders through the following objectives:
  • To increase awareness on gender equality, gender development, women’s legal rights and gender issues among the developing member states through workshops and training.
  • To raise funds on gender capacity building and direct empowerments such as income generating programs, education programs and health programs.
  • To conduct research on gender and child issues and development.
  • To share knowledge and experiences on gender and children among the member countries.
  • To represent the Colombo Plan in international forums on gender and children and discussions, to upgrade the knowledge and to share our experiences.
  • To assist member countries to formulate their policies according to the global gender standards and norms.
  • To support member countries through government and non-government agencies to implement the global/UN standards of gender and children.

The CPGAP works with Governments and stakeholders by providing trainings, workshops, technical assistance in developing gender policies and support gender related capacity building and direct empowerment programs for vulnerable men, women and children across its 27 member states.

Afghan Women Shelter Fund Capacity Development of Implementing Partners
Afghan Women Shelter Fund Capacity Development of Implementing Partners
Launch of the “Empowering Future Women Leaders” training
Launch of the “Empowering Future Women Leaders” training
VWA students performing at the MoU Signing and Project Launching Ceremony in Hanoi, Vietnam.
VWA students performing at the MoU Signing and Project
Launching Ceremony in Hanoi, Vietnam.

On the 30th of July 2019, the Colombo Plan – Gender Affairs Programme and the Vietnam Women's Academy (VWA) held a memorandum of understanding (MoU) Signing and Project Launching Ceremony in Hanoi, Vietnam to commemorate their newfound partnership and commitment to strengthen the capacity of the Gender and Development Faculty through trainings, awarding scholarships for eligible GAD BA students, and establishing a learning center with computers and other facilities.In 2015, VWA established the Gender and Development Faculty, which is Vietnam’s first ever higher education facility dedicated to gender and development. Thus, for the first time an individual could receive a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Gender and Development (GAD). To date, over 200 BA students have enrolled in the GAD programme.

“Gender Roles in the Modern Family”

Vietnam Women’s Academy –sponsored by Vietnam Women’s Union and Colombo Plan

On October 9th, 2020 Colombo Plan’s newly established partnership with Vietnam was instituted in a follow on conference in Hanoi, Vietnam titled “Gender Roles in the Modern Family” where Her Excellency Ambassador Dr. Phan Kieu Thu, CP’s Secretary General, delivered a talk on the current status of gender roles and the challenges dealt within the family unit.  H.E. Ambassador Dr. Phan Kieu Thu, discussed the pivotal role of the modern family, debating the role of men and women and how they are socialized and depicted in different dimensions, influenced through cultural norms as well as demographically from region to region. Men and women are categorized either as “masculine” or “feminine”.  Within various societies, these socialized acts define the differences between male and female attributes. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that primarily gender roles and its socialization are nurtured first and foremost within the family culture.

Funding opportunities for 2022/2023

The Colombo Plan Gender Affairs Programme is currently accepting proposals from eligible organisations for the funding cycle of September 2022 – August 2023. 

Applicants are invited to submit concept notes for small grants in the following priority areas by 15 May 2022: 

  1.   Preventing and protecting women against violence. 

  2.   Guaranteeing equal access of women to justice. 

  3.   Achieving balanced participation of women and men in political and public decision-making. 

  4.   Gender mainstreaming. 

  5.   Migrant and refugee women and girls.

  6.   Gender, climate change and security. 

  7.   Advocacy of gender related issues for women, children, and communities. 

  8.   Access to healthcare services for women and girls. 

  9.   Livelihoods and support to vulnerable women and children (victims of gender-based violence, human trafficking, and indigenous people). 

  10.   Knowledge sharing and research in above areas. 

This funding opportunity is available for organisations or government entities of all countries that were created/ registered at least 24 months before 01 April 2022, that have already carried out concrete activities in the sector(s) for which funding is requested.  

The notice of call for concept notes

guidelines for applicants

Application form

For any inquiries, please contact cpgapproposal@colombo-plan.org


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Colombo Plan Gender Focal Points Webinar Series GENDER AND CHILD-SENSITIVE RESPONSES TO THE COVID-19 CRISIS Sharing Best Practices
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